Acceptable Usage Policy

1. Files.PW Acceptable Usage Policy

This document should be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. Remove, add or substitute text where appropriate. This Acceptable Usage Policy covers the security and use of all (Files.PW’s) information and IT equipment. It also includes the use of email, internet, voice and mobile IT equipment. This policy applies to all (Files.PW’s) employees, contractors and agents (hereafter referred to as ‘individuals’). This policy applies to all information, in whatever form, relating to (Files.PW’s) business activities worldwide, and to all information handled by (Files.PW) relating to other organisations with whom it deals. It also covers all IT and information communications facilities operated by (Files.PW) or on its behalf.

2. Internet and email Conditions of Use

Use of (Files.PW) internet and email is intended for business use. Personal use is permitted where such use does not affect the individual’s business performance, is not detrimental to (Files.PW) in any way, not in breach of any term and condition of employment and does not place the individual or (Files.PW) in breach of statutory or other legal obligations.

3. Monitoring and Filtering

All data that is created and stored on (Files.PW) computers is the property of (Files.PW) and there is no official provision for individual data privacy, however wherever possible (Files.PW) will avoid opening personal emails.